LED Flexi-strip

The variety of flexi-strip available today is vast and yet the most popular types comprise of just a few types. All the rest are tailored for specific markets or embodied in specialist applications which demand so many things such as high levels of brightness, bespoke sizes, high colour renditions (CRI), binning and of course special colours like RGB, RGB+W and W+WW. We may not have every conceivable type but what we do offer is pretty comprehensive. Such as:-

  • IP20/IP62/IP65/IP67/IP68 types
  • 30led per metre (Low density)
  • 60led per metre (Mid density)
  • 120led per metre (High density)
  • 180led, 240led and 360led per/m (Higher brightness variants)
  • RGB, RGB+W, RGB DMX, RGB addressable
  • CCT (W+WW) 2in1 chip or half W and half WW chips
  • Side emitting options (using 335 LEDs)
  • Bendable
  • CRI90+ Types
  • Signage (LED strings)
  • Flex-Kit (100mm, 200mm, 500mm, 1M, 5M)
  • Double row, Triple row and Four row types
  • Economic priced strip (to challenge poor types littered over the internet)
  • Mains Voltage 220-240AC

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