LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex is a very durable product which is IP65 rated and its purpose is to replace the Neon effect which was originally made from glass. This makes it suitable for use around edge lighting and it is supplied in a milky white appearance. It is very bendable which allows it to be put in lots of shapes making it suitable for lots of applications.
It can be cut every 0.5M and is available in two sizes, slim which is 8x16mm and the standard which 14x26mm.

There are two versions of each type:-
24VDC – Sold on 20M reels
AC220-240V – Sold on 50M reels
Custom made lengths are possible depending on quantity.

Applications include:

  • Cove lighting
  • Architectural
  • Decorative
  • Canopy and Edge lighting
  • Archways, Paths
  • Signage
  • Border lighting
  • Exhibition stands
  • TV, Film and Theatre uses

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