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Full PC T8 LED Tube Light—J3 Series–140lm/w

The J3 series is available in four sizes and four colours.
600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft), 1500mm (5ft)

Product Description

The J3 series is available in four sizes and four colours.
600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft), 1500mm (5ft)

Colours we supply:

2700-3200K – WW – Warm white
4000-4500K – NW – Natural White
5000-5500K – DW – Daylight white
6000-6500K – CW – Cool white

About the J3 Series

The J3 series LED tube is our standard item and is the approximate equivalent of a triphosphor tube. It is made from Polycarbonate (PC) and has a beam angle of 270°. This is high brightness and is 140lm/w and works direct from the AC mains or with a magnetic ballast but you must substitute the fluorescent starter for the LED starter which is supplied with each tube. It has a wide voltage range (AC85-265V 50-60Hz) allowing it to work with every application. We have a number of SMD2835 inside depending on the lamp length. The cover is frosted and specially treated to make the LEDs invisible.

The 140lm/w version has the option of a flicker free model is you require the item to be used under camera conditions.

Compare between Philips instantfit LED tube and Unifit LED Tube Series

Download this guide as PDF for easier reading.

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Comparision LED tube

Installation of our Tube Lighting

The installation method will depend on the different fixture.

1) Traditional Light Fittings With Magnetic Ballast/Inductive Ballast:

It is not necessary to remove the magnetic ballast/inductive ballast, you only need to change the starter to be an LED starter.

Original Magnetic Ballast/Inductive Ballast:

Original Magnetic Ballast:Inductive Ballast-
New Correct LED T8 Tube Wiring:

New Correct LED T8 Tube Wiring-

2) Light Fittings With Electronic Ballast:

Electronic ballast are NOT compatible with LED T8 tube lighting, DO NOT install the LED T8 tube without moving/bypassing the electronic ballast as damage to the LED T8 tube light may occur.

Original Electronic Ballast:  

Electronic Ballast

New Correct LED T8 Tube Wiring:         

Correct LED T8 Tube Wiring

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