Founded in early 2010, QUALIKO Srl is a subsidiary of QLT, founded with the aim of marketing a range of professional and design components to users of both traditional and LED lighting products, with the introduction of innovative materials such as “GYPSOLYTE”.

In addition to a wide range of products always in stock, QUALIKO also manufactures custom designs on specific requests to meet any customer’s need in the market. QUALIKO, constantly facing the future and the needs of different markets, has introduced several products such as high power LED panels, LED High Bays and LED floods, able to combine key design, strong lighting flux and significant energy savings.

QUALIKO has its registered office and operational headquarters in Rescaldina, near Milan, is connected through a network of contacts with all international markets. The commercial department is composed of skilled professional people , able to sense and solve any Customers’ needs.

The materials used by QUALIKO are carefully monitored in order to maintain a high standard of quality with a great attention paid to the Standards in force in different countries, fully respecting the environment.

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