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LED Mini Light Series Catalogue

Our Mini LED Light Series are suitable for lots of applications where a very small LED is the only type which will omit the desired light level from a very small lamp type. They are made using high quality materials which enhances their appearance in retail environments for example as well as other commerce sectors such as marine, auto and installing into furniture kitchen cabinets and so on.

Product Description

Our LED Navigation Lamps are made to substitute the standard range of incandescent lamps which are commonly used in boats and ships alike.

In keeping with the standard lamps they are virtually the same dimensions and the larger range have the P28s, B22d and E27 lamp bases whilst the smaller range have Ba15d, Bay15d and Ba15s lamp bases.

All types have a 360° viewing angle and come in white colour with a colour temperature of 6500K.

Available in 24V, 110V and 220-240V AC.




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